Bufeo Casa del Mar Project has started

The land for the Bufeo project has now been acquired and we are in the planning process with Architectural drawings and subdivision of the land into 7 Single family home lots where we will build two story homes of about 130m² each. The homes are an easy walk to the beach and they are very close to nature with tropical birds and fauna.

Chelem Playground

Services like smaller shops and convenience stores can be found nearby in the small village of Chuburna only 5 minutes away and the slightly larger Chelem. Progreso is about another 15 minute drive from Chelem and it has a larger selection of Supermarkets, shops of all kinds and a great selection of restaurants. Given the closeness to the sea and the local fishermen that bring in todays catch every morning, there is great seafood options on the menu.

Local Blue Crab just caught
Lobster Tail at a Restaurant in Progreso
Fresh Lobster Tails just off the Grill
Merida Cathedral

Within about a 45 minute drive is the Capital of Yucatan, Mérida with the famous Spanish Colonial architecture, Cultural events, Museums, great dining and not to forget, great shopping opportunities.

Pyramid at Uxmal

If you venture a bit further you can see some really great sites with Mayan pyramids such as Uxmal, Chichén Itzá and many others.


Perhaps you would like to stop for a swim in a Cenote on your way back home, it is guaranteed to make you feel totally refreshed after a morning of looking at the fabulous Mayan architecture.